Outreach is a vital aspect of our mission. Ritual Theatre Company nurtures young people of every nationality, racial background, religious belief, and physical ability. We do this by instilling pride of self, as well as demonstrating, tolerance and acceptance of different backgrounds and beliefs. Through our theatre outreach, we help them see that the only limitations in life are the ones that they accept for themselves. Emphasis on performance, language, and visual arts skills, with hands-on interaction between students and artist(s), is an essential part of the outreach. We strive to create an appreciation for theatre as entertainment, as well as a doorway to a place where everything and anything is possible. In keeping with our mission, our outreach programs are varied and versatile.

Our current school touring productions are:
                                                        by Kathryn Schultz Miller. Click HERE to learn about 
                                                        this production.

                                                         by Adam Baritot and Dianna Tucker.  Click HERE to
                                                         learn about this production.

                                                          Click HERE to learn about this production

If you would like to bring this production to your school or institution, drop us a line HERE, or call Associate Managing Director Shella Sylla at 305.815.3571 for more information.
Study Guides
Ritual Theatre Company also creates Study Guides for students and teachers. These Study Guides give synopses of the productions, as well as full character breakdowns, giving teachers the ability to prepare their students for the play beforehand. These Guides will facilitate integration of the play into school core curricula, as well as offering ideas on continuing their education after the presentation of the play. If you are interested in viewing a sample Guide, click HERE.Thousand_Cranes.htmlSimon.htmlColors_of_Sound.htmlmailto:Shella.Sylla@RitualTheatreCompany.org?subject=http://www.ritualtheatrecompany.org/node/51shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4